IOR/EOR Services

Acting as an international Importer of Record (IoR), Infinity Pack & Ship enables your business to import your IT equipment on a global scale, meeting all global trade and import compliance requirements.

The international shipping of IT equipment is highly regulated and can involve complex processes, which is why you need specialist support. With the knowledge and expertise gained through many years’ experience providing Importer of Record services, the Infinity Pack & Ship team can navigate your IT hardware through the preparations of international import and export documents and customs procedures, including temporary imports and exports.

  • Import and export IT infrastructure into and out of numerous countries seamlessly.
  • A single entity for all your international transactions.
  • We’ll manage all the international trade, compliance, and logistics requirements, including customs clearance.
  • We’ll manage everything door-to-door and keep you updated on daily basis.
  • Avoid penalties for lack of knowledge of the Customs and Border Protection rules and regulations
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