Introduction to shipping

This link is some basic information about moving things around the world. What is a container, and what is less than a container. There is some information about Trading terms which was standardised in order to keep confusion to a minimum. If you are planning on exporting or importing goods those details would be most beneficial.
Today commerce is done on the seas an via containers. So many goods are coming and going from different continents how does it actually work. How do the goods get from Point A on the globe get to Point B. To think about it how did the chair your sitting on, desk your sitting at, or the computer your looking at, get from where it was manufactured to you. There is a guideline for potential imports and exporters so they have some idea of what the process and stages will be.
Mazal Tov and Welcome. You may be considering bringing a shipment with you. Much of the information would be relevant for importing to most western countries. This is very detailed and includes a vast amount of information so you know what it’s all about and get then make an informed decision as well as know what to expect of the shipping process. Of course we are with you every step of the way this way you will be more aware of whats happening.
Here you can download commonly used online forms and applications like Israel Customs Regulations and Required Documents, Declaration Of Personal Import Of Goods, Power Of Attorney, etc.
Jerusalem Customs branch - 66 Kanfei Nesharim, Jerusalem. 02-6545555
Center Customs branch - 3A Israel Galili, Rishon Lezion. 03-9421666
Haifa Customs branch - Port Gate 3, Haifa. 04-8354811
Ashdod Customs branch - 2 HaBanaim St., Forum Building, Ashdod. 08-8510610
Ben Gurion Airport Customs branch - Ben Gurion Airport, Lod. 03-9751111
Eilat Customs branch - Eilat port, Eilat. 08-6383888